Giorgio Mongelli


Giorgio Mongelli was born in Lecce in 1972, a city in the south east of Italy. He begun to play guitar at nine years old while stealing the classical guitar of his brother, who was screaming after him after discovering that all the strings were upside down becouse Giorgio is a left handed. I played for many years in the music scene of my area since I decided to leave to study music for life; Having been accepted I went, applied and  got a Bachelor of Music from the “Berklee College of Music” in Boston (USA) where I graduated in 2002 with a dual major degree in “Performance & Songwriting”; I have  also been awarded with the “Burnes and Noble Book and Material Award” for my academic results and outstanding Musicianship; I attended songwriting masterclasses in Nashville, the City of Music. In the States I also attended clinics with musicians like Frank Gambale, Vinnie Moore, Steve Morse. I owned a degree in “Beni Musicali  e dello Spettacolo” from the Faculty of  “Beni Culturali” of the “University of Salento” in Lecce.


During the years, even after graduation, I’ve always studied music; I earned a Composition Certificate from “CET” Centro Europeo di Toscolano the music school founded by Mogol, the most important and famous Italian lyric writer. I also studied music production at “Fonoprint Studios" in Bologna, one of the top Italian studio and I earned a 4th level diploma with the European Community in sound engineering doing an internship at another top recording studio in Italy, the “Forum Music Village" in Rome. I’ve also studied at "Percorsi Audio" and "Percorsi Video" in Acquapendente (Italy) becoming an AVID International Pro Tools HD Certified Operator and an AVID Media Composer Certified User.


I have many working experiences in the field of music like a collaboration with the "University of Salento" where  I was Teacher of “Software for Music” in the post graduate “Master of Music and Audio Visual Comunications” I also operated the Music lab  and teached Music Production and Artist Management for the courses of Professor Gianfranco Salvatore; I also operated the Audio/video lab of the Faculty of “Beni Culturali”. More, I’ve done musical creations for a project between the University of  Lecce and the italian Airforce; my music is part of the pilots’ multimedia lessons; I was chosen as music expert to teach Music Production in the school “Liceo Classico Virgilio” in Lecce; I worked as sound engineer for radio stations like “Radio Rama” and “Radio Salento”.


As performer I am a Member of the "Ethan Brosh Band" that was Direct Support for Yngwie Malmesteen's USA and Canada tour; we opened the Michael Schenker (Skorpions) Canada tour's dates; we were Direct Support for Jake E Lee (Ozzy Ousburne) Red Dragon Cartel's Usa and Canada tour. We palyed at the Boston Hard Rock Cafè to release Ethan’s second solo album “live the dream” out with “Rocker Records” the new record Label of the famous drummer Carmine Appice.


As Solo Guitar Artist I recently played at the 2015 Namm Show at Anaheim in California where I performed every day my original songs for ISP Technologies a company I am Endorser for. I also played for G-Lab, another great company I am Endorser for. I’ve done many other performances like the opening for “Albano Carrisi” playing as Solo Artist in front of more than 10.000 people; I’ve also appeared as special guest in events like the “Premio Athena” where I played my instrumental songs introduced by the famous show woman Carmen Russo; I performed in many festivals like the “Art Festival” a TV show trasmitted by “Rai uno” and “Rai International” and I also played in several “Thelethon” shows for charity.


Production is another thing I love, I produced the full length album of the singer Laura Aschieri, the CD was distributed in all major music stores in Italy by CNI Music; The first two singles had been promoted nationally in more than 400 radio stations by one of the top Italian radio promotion agency; I also produced the videoclip of Laura’s single “Kernel panic”. I produced the single “Insolubile” of Marco Altrove that had major radio air play thanks to the collaboration of a top promotion agency and planty of interviews. I produced Stefania Corona’s single “Veli” also promoted in more than 400 radio stations all over Italy.  Radio promotion and national distribution also for the single and the full length album “Antidodo”. I produced the single “Instabile” of the singer  “Lunadinotte” in which I’ve also recorded the guitar tracks. The song has got the attention of many radio stations and it has been part of their rotations and it has been awarded by the famous Italian show woman “Alba Parietti” with the Premio Athena for the excellence of the work. I produced the single “Non so” of the band Millenovecento79. The song has been published by “Rai Trade”, a major publishing company. The track has been also printed by Rai Trade in a CD compilation  called “Premio Lunezia” in witch there are many famous italian artists like Vasco Rossi, Claudio Baglioni, Caparezza, Venditti. During the contest of Premio Lunezia, I shared the same stage with artists like Marco Masini, Morgan, Caparezza, Carmen Consoli and many others. “Non so” is also part of the first CD compilation of the music contest “Music village” and also in the CD compilation of the music contest organised by the “Scuola Musicale Pergolesi” in the city of Jesi (Italy); the song has also won the national contests “New generation” in Ancona, Festival dei Nebrodi in Messina, and Sorgà Rock in Verona. “Non so” has also won the first part of the online contest “Cornetto Algida free music” festival, where I played live in Milan with my band at that time at “Magazzini Generali”;  the band “Sugar free”performed also in the same night. The event was introduced by Elio of the band “Elio e le storie tese”. I also produced the song “Non rido più” which has been printed by Rai Trade in the Radio Rai CD compilation as the winner of the 3° edition of the famous radio Rai program called “Demo”.I produced in the States with Oliver C. Keane and Thérèse La Gamma the album of the band “Inside out“ in witch I played guitar and performed in the Boston area.


Nowadays I perform with the Ethan Brosh Band based in Boston, the band Antidoto based in Italy and as a Solo Artist.

I am the Artistic Director of the record label “Flagship Records” and I’m the owner and Sound Engineer of a professional recording studio equipped  with top analog and digital outboards.

I have a collaboration with the University of Salento and I teach music and guitar at the Damus Music Accademy in Lecce.